SL Module

External Pressure Type PVDF Hollow Fiber Membrane Module
SL Module

Due to its unique fiber arrangement, SL module is suitable for high turbidity water treatment. Filtration of hot water up to 80 deg.C is possible by selecting the heat resistant type.


1. External pressure type filtration

2. Hydrophilic PVDF※1

PVDF※1 membrane is coated with hydrophilic PVA※2, so that less fouling occurs.
※1: Polyvinylidene fluoride ※2:Polyvinyl alcohol

3. Unique fiber arrangement

Hollow fibers are divided into 8 bundles to make some space, which allows easier discharging of suspended solids.

4. Small footprint, low cost

Handling by one person is possible due to the module’s compact structure (1m height). Because only hollow fiber membrane elements are to be replaced, reduced running costs are enabled. The GS element is compatible with the SL element.


  • Concentration, recovery and recycle of various abrasives and other valuables
  • Recovery and recycle of pure water washing wastewater and sand-filter backwash wastewater
  • Removal of suspended solids, iron and manganese from surface and underground water
  • Purification of process water for food manufacturing and precise cleaning
  • Recovery and recycle of hot wastewater, such as boiler drain

Examples for use

<Metal plating wastewater treatment>

SL module can be applied to metal plating wastewater treatment, which has been commonly conducted with a coagulation-sedimentation method. A compact system with a small footprint is possible because a sedimentation tank is not necessary. Moreover, polymeric coagulants are not needed, contributing to reduced running costs. As treated water quality is significantly higher than when treated by the coagulation-sedimentation method, the reuse of the treated water is possible.

<Sand-filter backwash wastewater treatment>

Backwash wastewater from a rapid sand filter, which is applied to such a process as well water treatment, contains a high level of suspended solids and accordingly, needs post-treatment, like sedimentation. Meanwhile, membrane filtration provides the following advantages: a) the filtrate can be returned to the raw water tank, resulting in high recovery rate and b) the high concentrated backwash wastewater (or sludge) can be easily dehydrated, being recovered as valuable resources.

<Recovery of waste chemicals>

SL module (heat resistant type) is used for the recovery (SS※3 removal) of waste chemicals with the high temperature of up to 80 deg.C arising from manufacturing processes. The product thus contributes to improved yield and cost reduction.

※3:Suspended solids

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