SF Module

External Pressure Type Hollow Fiber Membrane Module
SF Module

A compact system with large membrane surface area is possible by employing [SF] tanks that can contain multiple fiber elements.


1. External pressure type filtration

2. Wide selection

■[SF] tank (T19-S4)

  • A wide range of membrane surface areas from 7m2 to 385m2 are available. Only hollow fiber membrane elements are to be replaced.
  • An optimal specification (membrane material and pore size) can be selected from a variety of product lines, according to the purpose.

3. Unique module structure that enables unique physical cleaning

Due to the one end free structure, SS※1 can be easily removed without accumulating between fibers. In addition, unique physical cleaning method enables more effective SS※1 removal, contributing to a longer stable operation. As this cleaning method needs little filtrate, higher water recovery can be achieved. Moreover, equipment costs can be reduced because no tanks or pumps for backwashing are needed.
※1:Suspended solids

4. Applicable to hot water treatment

With its high thermal resistance, SF module can treat hot water up to 90 deg.C, such as boiler drain.


  • Concentration, recovery and recycle of various abrasives and other valuables
  • Recovery and recycle of pure water washing wastewater and sand-filter backwash wastewater
  • Removal of SS※1, iron and manganese from surface and underground water
  • Purification of process water for food manufacturing and precise cleaning
  • Recovery and recycle of hot wastewater, such as boiler drain

※1:Suspended solids

Examples for use

<Recovery of pure water washing wastewater>

  • Wastewater consisting of pure water and abrasive particles is generated in the washing process in semiconductor manufacturing. Membrane filtration enables pure water recovery by removing abrasives from the drainage.
  • Because no filtration pump is needed, energy costs can be reduced. In addition, longer life is expected as membrane damage caused by cross-flow is minimized.

<Recovery of boiler drain>

  • Heat resistant [Type-SF] can be used for hot water recovery, including boiler drain. Water usage as well as energy costs for heating can be reduced. Moreover, lower expenses for wastewater treatment and discharge are expected.

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