GS Module

External Pressure Type PVDF Hollow Fiber Membrane Module
GS Module

GS module can remove micro-sized particles, enabling high precision filtration. Stable operation is possible due to a unique cleaning method.


1. External pressure type filtration

2. Hydrophilic PVDF※1

PVDF※1 membrane is coated with hydrophilic PVA※2, so that less fouling occurs.
※1:Polyvinylidene fluoride ※2:Polyvinyl alcohol

3. Unique module structure that enables unique physical cleaning

Due to the one end free structure, SS※3 can be easily removed without accumulating between fibers. In addition, unique physical cleaning method enables more effective SS ※3 removal, contributing to a longer stable operation. As this cleaning method needs little filtrate, higher water recovery can be achieved.
*Recovery rate (internal test result): 97.6%
Raw water: groundwater with the turbidity of 2-4, Flow rate: 2.5m3/hr, Physical cleaning: every 30 minutes
※3:Suspended solids

4. Small footprint, low cost

Handling by one person is possible due to the module’s compact structure (1m height). Because only hollow fiber membrane elements are to be replaced, reduced running costs are enabled. The GS element is compatible with the SL element.


  • Bacteria and SS removal in process and drinking water production from surface and underground water
  • Pretreatment before RO※4
  • Advanced treatment of process water for such industries as food manufacturing
  • Wastewater recovery and recycle

※4:Reverse Osmosis

Examples for use

<Drinking water production>

  • GS module (normal temperature type) has been certified as a drinking water treatment filter by an authorized party in Japan.

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