Large Pore

External Pressure Type PVDF Hollow Fiber Membrane Module
Large Pore

Suitable for removing cryptosporidium and Giardia……
The product has a nominal pore size of 2.0μm


1. High permeability

Large Pore shows a hundred times higher permeability than the Kuraray’s existing MF membrane. Filtration is driven only by a water head, thus a feed pump is not necessary.

2. Air backwashing

As hydrophilic PVDF*1 is employed as a raw material, Large Pore has a resistance to drying. This feature allows to Large Pore undergo air backwashing. Because the permeate is not necessary to be used for air backwashing, the volume of cleaning wastewater can be reduced.
*1: Polyvinylidene fluoride

3. Separation property

Large Pore has a high removal capacity of protozoa, which is thought to be very important in city water purification. The product shows 6 log (= 99.9999%) reduction of cryptosporidium, equal performance compared to MF and UF.


  • Removal of protozoa from river water, surface water and river-bed water
  • Final treatment in existing water treatment plants


Element type Element type CE-330-FS(L20)
Nominal pore size(90% cut off) 2μm
Effective membrane surface area (m2) 2
Pure water permeate flow rate*1 (L/hr/mod./0.01MPa) 1,800 or higher
Dimensions (mm) 80φ×350
Materials Hollow fiber membrane Hydrophilic PVDF
Potting material Polyurethane
Sheath Polysulfone
Net Polypropylene
Inner cylinder Polypropylene
O-ring Silicon rubber
Filling liquid NaClO 25mg/L
Housing Housing type Tank-type vessel for 56 elements
Dimensions (mm) W830×D830×H1,055
Material Main body SUS304(SUS316 for parts contacting with water)
Gasket Silicone sponge
Inner volume 200L (Raw water side), 30L (Filtrate side)
Operating Conditions Filtration type External pressure type,dead end
Allowable maximum operating pressure (MPa) 0.1 (Raw water side), 0.2 (Filtrate side)
Allowable maximum transmembrane pressure difference (MPa) 0.1
Allowable maximum transmembrane(deg.C) 40
pH range 1-10

*1: When filtered with pure water at 25 deg.C

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