UF Cartridge

External Pressure Type Hollow Fiber Membrane Module for Ultrafiltration
UF Cartridge [Type C]/ [Type S]

Ultrafiltration (UF) membrane module with a compact design……
The product can be easily installed without taking extra space. It is commonly used in such applications as bacteria and pyrogen-free water production in medical fields and final filtration in ultrapure water production.


1. External pressure type filtration

2. Specifications

There are two types of products: [Type C] and smaller [Type S]. Since both types do not need extra space to be installed, they can be connected to an existing piping configuration. For
[Type-C], the housing can be used repeatedly with only the element being replaced. This contributes to running cost reduction.

3. Product selection

There are two different molecular weight (MW) cutoff in [Type C]. An appropriate MW cutoff can be selected according to the application.

4. Bacteria and endotoxin rejection [Internal test result]

■ Bacteria rejection (measured based on JIS K 3823: 2012)
Raw water
Bacteria rejection
4.8×109 0 ≧9.6
■ Endotoxin rejection (measured based on JIS K 3824: 2012)
Raw water
Endotoxin rejection
174 <0.001 ≧5

*Product tested: Type C (C-40-HR)

*LRV:Logarithmic reduction value

5. Hot water resistance

Due to their thermal resistant property, [Type C] and [Type S] can tolerate hot water treatment and hot water disinfection.


  • Ultrapure water production in the semiconductor and electronics industries
  • Pyrogen and bacteria free water production for medical, pharmaceuticals and food processing industries
  • Pure water and ultrapure water for laboratories
  • Drinking water for industrial and household use

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